I truly believe that enough information is out there already, to enable us to piece together the common strands of the real true nature of life, death and all of the magic in between

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  • My Awakening – Part 2 March 25, 2015 Junior Stephenson

    So, the Psychic reading began in earnest…Must admit, I had no expectations of the prearranged Psychic reading. For sure I believed in Mediums, Clairvoyants and Psychics but it was a pragmatic decision on my side not to pin my hopes for understanding, or even dread, as to what I might ...

  • My Awakening – Part 1 March 24, 2015 Junior Stephenson

    By an accident of sorts this whole journey started from an act of curiosity and a mild sense of determination and persistence, what I mean by that is that as often can be the way with life we have moments of choice, moments of inspiration or even flashes of intuition.

    One ...

New Articles

  • Negative Emotions – Fear & Guilt March 22, 2015 Spiritual Awakening

    Fear – Is real, its real because you create it. It exists just as tangibly as the potential of what the fear promises. Truth however, illuminates, it shows things in their true being.

    The true Being of fear is you, you look at yourself when in fear, you look at the ...

  • Coincidence & Synchronicity March 22, 2015 Spiritual Awakening

    Why is it that things happen? How is it possible that events occur? Why is it that each happening affects you, even if it’s just in a thought invoking way?

    Without a doubt, anyone reading this would have experienced what may have been described as coincidences, quirky turn of events which ...

  • Intuition & Psychic Abilitites March 22, 2015 Spiritual Awakening

    I’ll be upfront and say that I will avoid, at all costs, the usual ramblings around humans losing their innate psychic ability – I have no idea if this is true or proof of such.

    What I will do, is talk about how I see intuition. Where to look out for ...